• Ruta a la Foradà

    Carretera, 35 Vall de Gallinera .

    La Foradà is the mountain par excellence of the Vall de Gallinera.  It has a stone arch shape.

    The route of the Foradà is very famous, as the route of the 8 towns, and stands out for being a simple route in which you will not find many difficulties.

  • Ruta de los 8 Pueblos

    Benirrama 03787 Alicante .

    Within the little exploited area is a very beautiful route (and that could be more with a little more imagination) that crosses all the villages of the valley, 8, you have succeeded.

    It's back and forth, and we're just under half. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape without having to do mountaineering.

  • Barranc de l' Encantada

    Partida Molino Plans, 36, 03850, Alicante .

    Remember that you are in a green Alicante, and you can find places of great beauty, and with water, like this corner of the Serpis River, with a pool large enough to bath in summer.

    And if you want to see it overflowing with water, come after a rainy day, in October. Spectacular!

  • Parc Natural de la Marjal de Pego-Oliva

    Pego-Oliva, Valencia .

    Beautiful place with a great wealth of flora and fauna, including the river Bullent, a curiosity to see the water flow from the bottom of the river in the form of bubbles.

    If you can visit it or go up to the viewpoint you will see an area similar to the Albufera of Valencia, but much smaller, since it is in the final phase. Where the famous rice bomb is planted and other varieties that you can buy in Pego.

  • Cueva del Rull (Vall d'Ebo)

    CV-712, Km.12, 03789 Vall d'Ebo, Alicante .

    Located in Vall d'Ebo, Alicante, has relevant geological values. All visits are made with the assistance of a specialized guide.

    15 minutes from El Capricho de la Portuguesa.